Council, Assembly Discuss Joint Fisheries Consultant Hire


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A joint City-Borough workgroup recommended a local fisheries expert as the top contender to advise local lawmakers on fish issues.

But, some assembly members and council members still are not convinced they want to hire a fisheries advisor.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

(Fish Consultant 4:59 SOC)

Members of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and the Kodiak City Council continue to have mixed reactions to a plan to hire a fisheries to keep local decision makers abreast of fish issues that may affect the community.

Last night the four-member joint work group presented its recommended candidate for the position based on two proposals received in response to a recent Request for Proposal. The work group recommended local fisheries expert and former Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd as the candidate for the position.

Lloyd’s firm – Alaska Resource Consultancy – was one of two that responded. The other was a Seattle law firm.

Assemblywoman Sue Jeffrey said hiring a fisheries consultant was long overdue for a community that whose backbone is fishing.

City Councilman John Whiddon said he was an early supporter of the idea, but was now rethinking his position for a couple reasons:

-((John Whiddon rethinking :30 "One is that…different ways."))

But Jeffery, a local set netter said fishermen may disagree, but it’s the assembly’s responsibility to look at the community as a whole – and that means keeping the fishing economy strong:

-((Sue Jeffrey on fishermen :50 Fishermen are…recreational facilities."))

Councilman Gabriel Saravia said he’s not ready to support hiring a fisheries consultant. He said if it’s important, fishermen can ask for it.

Assemblywoman Louise Stutes, whose husband is a fisherman, had a similar take and said fishermen need to take ownership of local fish issues:

-((Louise Stutes :55 "And I agree…from their prospective."))

But Assemblywoman Carol Austerman said the community needs to quit being reactive and start being proactive on fisheries issues:

-((Carol Austerman Know it was coming :36 "One of the ….know it was coming."))

In the end the group decided they would proceed forward until they reach a point where the issue can be voted up or down. To that end they will prepare questions to ask Lloyd about his proposal and meet again as some future date.

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