East Elementary Students Learn Flag Etiquette


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

Fifth graders at East Elementary School received a hands-on civics lesson from the Coast Guard color guard and members of the American Legion yesterday. KMXT’s Jennifer Canfield was there and files this story.

Coastguardsmen Audrey Alvarez led a presentation to over 40 students about the proper way to handle the American flag. Alvarez said she enjoyed being around such curious kids.

Alvarez: It definitely takes me back to the fifth grade when you have questions about everything

Three members of the American Legion, including Korean War veteran Richard Heglin, were there to help teach what each fold of the flag means.

Heglin: They’re very enthusiastic. They’ve had some pertinent questions about the flag and its origin. This gives them a better insight of what the flag stands for.

After learning the correct method for folding and unfolding, the presentation moved outside where students were shown how to raise and lower the flag. More than a dozen students raised their hand when asked if they had participated in the school’s daily flag ritual.

After the full presentation, the students were excited about the flag and just about everything else.

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