Kodiak No. 3 in Fish Landing Value, No. 5 in Tonnage

Jay Barrett/KMXT

NOAA Fisheries released the 2010 port rankings for seafood landings Wednesday. Dutch Harbor-Unalaska is once again atop the list in terms of tonnage, with 515.2 million pounds crossing the docks. Reedville, Virginia was number two on the list, 89-million pounds behind. Kodiak was number five, with 325.3 million pounds landed. Cordova was eighth at 147.7 million pounds. Other Alaska towns in the top 20 were Naknek, Ketchikan, Seward, Sitka and Petersburg.

New Bedford, Mass., which was ninth in poundage, was on top by far, in terms of value, with a catch worth $306-million. Dutch was second at 163.1-million, followed by Kodiak at 128.1-million, Naknek at 100.9-million and Cordova at 84.3-million. Other Alaska communities in the top 10 were Seward in ninth at 69.2-million and Sitka in 10th with 62.2-million dollars of value. Also in the top 20 were Homer and Ketchikan.

Nationwide, American commercial fishermen landed 8.2 billion pounds of seafood in 2010, valued at $4.5 billion, an increase of 200 million pounds and more than $600 million in value over 2009, according to the report.

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