Long Hours, Dedication Key to KHS Swim Team Success


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The Kodiak High School swim team has dominated this season. KMXT’s Jennifer Canfield spoke with two of the team’s senior standouts and files this report.

High school seniors Celeste Beck-Goodell and Carl Burnside both have been swimming since the second grade. Their lives, and the lives of other varsity swim team members, can be summed up like this:

SR000R (4): Wake up at like 5:30, eat a piece a bread, come to the pool, be here by 6:15, train til 745, go to school, come back to the pool and train for 2.5 hours and then go home, and do homework and everything.

It’s that kind of dedication that has the girls team undefeated this season and the boys team with only one loss to the current state champs, Dimond High School in Anchorage.

Coach John Lindquist says that the team’s success is all about them and that he and assistant coach Dave Horn haven’t changed their coaching style.

SR001F(2): They work and they get results for it. It’s the same program and it’s been built through time: Being dedicated to what you do and working hard and the payoff is there.

But Celeste and Carl both say that Coach Lindquist has a certain pull with them. Lindquist has been training them since they both started swimming ten years ago. In fact, much of the team has grown up swimming together, with Lindquist as their coach.

SR000R (2): (Celeste) He’s kind of like your second Dad because you spend so much time with him and you pretty much do what he asks. (Carl)Yeah, you just do everything he asks. We’ve kind of learned that he knows best.

Lindquist says that the lessons they learn in swimming will guide them through life.

SR001F(3): It’s what you do to get what you want. It’s dedication to the program, your body needs to do it. You have to do more than your competition to achieve the goals you set forward. It teaches them to prepare themselves for when they’re done swimming they’re going to have a good set of work skills. They’ll show up on time, work hard and continue dealing with it on a daily basis. I think that’s important for them to learn. They get pushed for that. When they don’t think they can, I tell them, "You can, you have to go through it."

As for being done with swimming, Carl and Celeste aren’t quite there. They plan on continuing into college.

SR000R (3): (Celeste) I’m definitely thinking about trying to get a scholarship and if I don’t get a scholarship possibly swimming in college. (Carl) Yeah, same. I definitely want to do it. Just because I love the team aspect and it’s fun.

And on those early mornings when getting up at 5 a.m. isn’t at all appealing, they do it anyway.

ST000R (5): I just think of state and how I want to get my name up on the board and that’s going to happen if I don’t come to all the practices and work hard. Definitely state and swimming the best that I can. Your teammates definitely bring you here and are super supportive.

The teams’ next challenge is Friday in Soldotna at the SoHi Pentathlon, which brings together all of the region’s teams for the weekend.

I’m Jennifer Canfield. ###

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