Pro and Con on Borough Term Limits


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

On October 4th voters will decide whether to implement term limits for Kodiak borough mayor, borough assembly and the school board. The ballot initiative would allow elected officials to serve two consecutive terms after which they would have to wait six years before running for re-election.

If voters pass the proposition it would not affect current assembly incumbents Judy Fulp and Dave Kaplan or school board incumbent Peggy Rauwolf, as they are still in their first term.

Also on the ballot is a proposition which asks voters if the borough should assess a one per cent sales tax- on top of Kodiak’s current six per cent- that would pay for the reconstruction and renovation of Kodiak High School that was approved by voters two years ago.

On Tuesday the Chamber of Commerce held a forum for next week’s elections. Candidates for Kodiak Island Borough Assembly were asked what they thought of the proposition.

(Term Limits 1 :41 sec "I think the most likely… our borough mayor and our school board president.")

At the end of the forum, two Kodiak residents gave their opposing views of the proposition. John Parker spoke in favor of term limits.

(Term Limits 2 1:01 "I’m a 40-year resident… in the passage of proposition 1.")

Bob Brody spoke against the proposition

(Term Limits 3 :58 sec "I’m here to urge you to vote no… I would urge you to please vote no on proposition 1.")

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