Bank, Chamber, Warn of Wells Fargo ‘Phishing’ Scam



An example of the scam e-mail sent to some Kodiak customers of Wells Fargo this week.

Jay Barrett/KMXT

Enough people in Kodiak this week received an official looking e-mail they thought was from Wells Fargo bank that the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce sent out an alert, warning consumers of the identity theft phishing expedition. The fraudulent e-mail tried to entice its recipients into revealing their credit card number, ATM PIN and Social Security Number, among other information.

Wells Fargo Kodiak Store Manager Jody Spivey said this sort of scam is not uncommon.

(Phishing 1 18 sec "This one was a little bit … for information. Never.")

She said if you did happen to return that information thinking it was legitimately from Wells Fargo, you need to contact your branch immediately:

(Phishing 2 22 sec "If you did click the link … dealt with as well.")

Spivey said it’s surprising how often these phishing expeditions are successful in duping the unsuspecting.

(Phishing 3 28 sec "People who should know better … to be given away.")

Once again, as Spivey points out, no bank will ever ask you for your personal information, because they already have it.

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