Domestic Violence Intervention Training Offered Saturday


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

October is domestic violence awareness month and the Kodiak Women’s Resource and Crisis Center is teaming up with the Kodiak Area Native Association, Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center and the district attorney’s office to provide information and training on safe ways to intervene in violent situations.

Rebecca Shields is the executive director of KWRCC. She says that people may often feel inhibited or scared to help someone they know who is experiencing domestic violence.

Go to Live the Green Dot, for more details.

(Green Dot 1 :27 "This training is gonna…ways to help people.")

In the same way a bystander might be afraid to speak up, Shields says that victims may also be wary of reporting abuse.

(Green Dot 2 :36 sec "Domestic violence for many… to the services that they need.")

Shields says that there are resources in Kodiak to help any person who wants to get out of an abusive situation.

(Green Dot 3 :49 sec "If a victim has… that information being released.")

The Green Dot training is open to anyone 16 and older. It takes place this Saturday at the Kodiak High School.


Contact: Justin Nadoski

Turning the Tide Program Coordinator

Kodiak Area Native Association


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