Election Results

All precincts have reported. The borough clerk currently has 139 absentee ballots and can expect up to 12 more by Tuesday. Mail-in ballots had to be postmarked by yesterday. There are also 69 questioned ballots.

Kodiak Island Borough Assembly

Tuck Bonney 1088

Mel Stephens 944

Dave Kaplan 920

Judy Fulp 876

Gail Brandt 500

Dennis Symmons 461

School Board: One-Year Seat

Peggy Rauwolf 1021

Giovanni Tallino 734

School Board: Three-Year Seats (uncontested)

Katie Oliver 1491

Aaron Griffin 1135

Initiative Proposition #1- Term Limits

Yes 747

No 1077

Proposition #1- Sales Tax

Yes 745

No 1080

City Mayor (uncontested)

Pat Branson 586

Write-ins 48

City Council (uncontested)

Terry Haines 555

Randall Bishop 436

Write-ins 37

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