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Denby Lloyd, background right, is grilled by representatives of the Kodiak City Council and the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. He is the finalist for a joint borough-city fisheries consultant position. Jennifer Canfield/KMXT photo

Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

Monday night the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and the Kodiak City Council held a joint session to interview the sole candidate for a proposed fisheries analyst position. Former Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd was the center of attention in a small room crowded with 31 people that included local elected officials and members of the public.

Walter Sargent is on the Alaska Marine Conservation Council board of directors and spoke during the public comment period and said that Kodiak is being left out of important fisheries discussions.

(Denby 1 :12 sec "In one of the largest… because they have good representation.")

During the public comment period only one person did not speak in favor of Lloyd’s hire, though they didn’t speak against it either. Kodiak High School football coach, Charlie Powers, was there on behalf of the newly formed Kodiak Families for Outdoor Recreation. He spoke far longer than the three-minute limit established for public commenters. Ultimately, he wants to know when the city and the borough are going to move forward with the first phase of some multi-million dollar improvements at Baranof Park.

Moving on, Lloyd was asked to begin the interview by explaining why he is a good choice for the proposed fisheries analyst position.

(Denby 2 :50 sec "Kodiak has a very vigorous interest… fishery politics here in Alaska."

One of the interview questions addressed concerns made known at a previous borough work session. Lloyd was asked why the city and borough should concern themselves with hiring a fisheries analyst. He answered that having a hand in fisheries policy making is a bet they need to make.

(Denby 3 :37 sec "Your primary concerns are…and the board of fish for that matter.")

Officials decided to move forward with writing up a contract, though did not vote to hire Lloyd. Both the city and the borough will now schedule further discussion about the potential hire at a future meeting.

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