Mental Health Providers Offering Depression Screening


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Depression is a serious medical condition, which not only affects an individual’s happiness, but also job performance, personal relationships and those around you. During the winter it can affect more people because of a lack of sunshine – something called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD (sad). To help identify depression before it gets out of hand, residents in Kodiak are being offered a free, anonymous, screening on Thursday.

Borghy Holm is the community wellness coordinator for Healthy Tomorrows, a coalition of local healthcare providers.

(Depression 1 21 sec "They can come into KANA or … between 9 and 5.")

The National Depression Screening Day was actually last week, but mental health providers here decided to move it back a week in Kodiak so that it wouldn’t coincide with the day Permanent Fund Dividends checks were distributed – something that could serve to lift the spirits of recipients and throwing off the screening results.

Holm says the test is comprised of a number of questions, and a mental health worker will be there to answer any questions or to assist in filling the form out.

She says escorting a friend or family member in for the screening is just fine.

(Depression 2 35 sec "If people have a friend … live with those painful symptoms.")

The anonymous screening takes place at the Kodiak Area Native Association clinic on Rezanof Drive East, and at the Providence Mental Health office near the high school. It’s from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday), is free and no appointment is needed.


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