New Zealanders Share Fish Byproduct Research


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

An international gathering of fisheries researchers, industry representatives and other interested parties discussed Monday innovations in fish byproduct research at Kodiak’s Fisheries Industrial Technology Center. The workshop featured guests from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research. T.C. Chadderton is the vice president of business development for the institute. He says that there are several other fish byproduct research programs around the world, but that Alaska’s is one of the more established programs.

(NZ Fish 1 :41 sec "We have a strong research… Alaska would be the biggest program.")

Dr. Kathleen Hofman is also with the New Zealand institute. She presented two products that have resulted from her research to the gathering. One is a super-soluble and efficient fining for wine and beer and the other is a filtration device for a home ventilation system.

Hofman says the importance of the international collaboration became clear to her FITC’s scientist Alexandra Oliveira visited their lab in New Zealand.

(NZ Fish 2 :41 sec ‘She works in a slightly different… explore the different properties of our materials as well.")

As for what the New Zealanders take home from the conference, Chadderton says future collaboration is in the cards.

(NZ Fish 3 :25 sec "There might be some things… see how far we can go.")

The New Zealanders will be in town for a few more days visiting with their Kodiak counterparts and exploring their laboratories.


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