North End Registration Hunt for Goats Cancelled


Jay Barrett/KMXT

When the mountain goat registration hunt begins Tuesday, several areas on the north end of Kodiak Island will remain closed. The registration hunt follows the lottery hunt, and its target bag limit is determined by how many goats are taken.

Fish and Game’s Larry Van Daele:

(Goats 1 25 sec "In four of the areas … not going to be opening.")

He said Fish and Game wants to be sure not to allow over-harvest to maintain stable populations:

(Goats 2 25 sec "It ranges in each of those … each one of the areas.")

Van Daele says there is still plenty of hunting opportunity left, despite the registration closures:

(Goats 3 17 sec "The entire south and west … people that use bows.")

He said goat hunters come from all over the state, attracted by the good populations:

(Goats 4 32 sec "Here in Kodiak, actually … of Alaska here lately.")

The total mountain goat population on Kodiak Island is estimated to be about 2,500. The mountain goat population on Kodiak originated with 11 females and seven males which were transplanted from the Kenai Peninsula to the Hidden Basin area during 1952 and 1953. The registration hunting season opens tomorrow.


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