Stray Bullets Shut Down Monashka Firing Range


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Sportsmen’s Association announced that it has temporarily closed its Monashka Bay firing range. The land where the range is located is owned by the Kodiak Island Borough. Last month concerns for the safety of personnel at the landfill which is adjacent to the range– were brought to the attention of KISA and the borough. Woody Koning is the director of engineering and facilities for the borough.

(Monashka Range 1 :29 sec "What happened is… bullets were actually coming over towards the landfill.")

Koning says as the expansion of the landfill continues, range safety will become more of an issue.

(Monashka Range 3 :25 sec "I would like to see… ensure safety of the public and neighboring property.")

Koning says the closure is especially unfortunate for this season’s deer hunters who use the range to sight their guns.

(Monashka Range 2 :4 sec "That’s where you should go sight your guns, rather than on a beach somewhere.")

The other KISA-sponsored range is just a few minutes away near Salonie Creek.


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