Special Meeting of Council to Reschedule Nov. 10 Meeting


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

The Kodiak City Council will hold a meeting today at noon that is expected to end just as soon as it starts. Most of the council will be traveling out of town this month and so at the last council meeting, members voted to cancel November’s regular meetings in exchange for one meeting on November 17th and a special session on the 18th to interview two candidates for the city’s Juneau lobbyist position.

There’s a provision in the city charter that says newly elected officials will commence their term at the next regular meeting following the certification of election results and their taking the oath of office. The council had always interpreted that to mean that if a regular meeting- the kind held on the second or fourth Thursday of the month- was rescheduled for another day, that meeting would still meet the requirement of the charter.

City Clerk Debra Marlar found out earlier this week that was not the case. Unless the regularly scheduled November 10th meeting was held, Terry Haines and Randall Bishop would not be legit city council members until January when the next regular meeting is scheduled. The city attorney suggested the council hold a special meeting- that would be today’s meeting- to rescind the motion to cancel the November 10th meeting. While there won’t be a quorum at nest week’s meeting, it will meet the city’s requirement and allow Haines and Bishop to commence their duties as elected officials.

Marlar expects the council to address this inconvenient technicality at a future meeting.

Marlar says the November 10th meeting is being held only for the purpose of making Haines and Bishop full fledged members of the council. No other items are on the agenda.

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