Book Summarizing Karluk History Launched


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Alutiiq Museum is embarking on another book project. This one will focus on the old village of Karluk and the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts from there. The museum’s deputy director, Amy Steffian, says the planning and manuscript for the book is being funded by a $49,600 grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences, which the museum received in partnership with Koniag Incorporated.

(Karluk 1 29 sec "For many years archeologists … the goal of our book.")

She said the collection is so extensive, a book summarizing it is the best way to share it with the public:

(Karluk 2 41 sec "The Karluk One site is huge … came from in the site.")

Steffian says past excavation participants, artists, students and others have been invited to write essays for the book to help tell the story of the collection:

(Karluk 3 25 sec "This is the collection that … writing short essays.")

The Alutiiq language will also be incorporated throughout the book:

(Karluk 4 23 sec "April Councilor, our language … the site and its contents.")

The old village of Karluk is thought to have been continually occupied for 700- to 800-years, until the 1970s when it was moved to its current location nearer the lagoon. In the late 1990s, many artifacts were lost forever:

(Karluk 5 21 sec "The Karluk River changed … brought them to the museum.")

Steffian says the museum is also looking for historic photographs of the Karluk village area. She says the development of the manuscript should take about two years, at which point the museum will look for funds and a nonprofit press to publish the book.


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