Cod Fishermen Target 2.8-Million Pounds in End-of-Year Opening


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Some Kodiak fishermen are getting one more shot at some remaining Pacific Cod quota starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Tom Pearson is a biologist with NOAA Sustainable Fisheries in Kodiak.

— (Cod 1 24 sec "There’s about 1,400 tons … what remains in the quota.")

Pearson says if enough vessels participate, he thinks the 2-point-8-million pounds can be caught in the time allotted. The four-day fishery will be for fixed gear types only:

— (Cod 2 33 sec "By regulation, trawling … the federal quota during this opening.")

Once this "in-season action" is over, the fixed gear fishermen will only have one day’s rest before having to turn around for the 2012 fishery, which starts for them on January 1st. The trawl fishery for cod begins on January 20th. Pearson says there will be some changes come the New Year:

— (Cod 3 30 sec "What’s going to be different … allocation of the annual TAC.")

The central gulf, where this week’s parallel fishery will take place, extends from 147 to 159 degrees west longitude, which is about from the east end of Montague Island to the east side of Aniakchak Bay.

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