Tree Stand Near High School Slated for Clearcutting


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

There’s a patch of trees along Upper Mill Bay Road living where the new high school parking lot will go. Early plans for construction of the new lot left some of those trees in place. Borough Project Manager Ken Smith says trees are dependant on each other when weathering high winds. Because the new lot will require that most of trees be cut down, those that remain are more likely get blown over. Smith says the decision to clearcut was made after considering what happened when the pool was constructed.

(Parking 1 :24 "Within a couple of months of taking down those trees and starting construction we had two trees blow down in a windstorm right over the foundation. The majority of the trees have to go to make room for the parking lot and so leaving other tall trees there is just a danger not only to the homeowners across the street, but also the borough building and the people in the parking lot.")

Bob Brodie lives across the street from where the new lot will go. Brodie has enjoyed the trees, but supports plans for the new high school.

(Parking 2 :22 "We’ve enjoyed those trees for a number of years. The eagles perch in them and the songbirds are over there but at the same time we’ve been there 15 years or more and watched kids go over there at lunch time and sometimes smoke and fool around and sometimes misbehave. So, it’s kind of a trade.")

If some trees were left as originally planned, Smith says that they would definitely get blown over in the next big windstorm and that could do a lot of damage.


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