Chief Reports: Kodiak Had a ‘Relatively Safe’ New Year Holiday


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

The Kodiak Police Department made only two arrests for drunk driving on the New Year holiday. Police Chief T.C. Kamai says it was a relatively safe weekend.

"We’ve been really fortunate the last few years, even with these two DUIs, that folks have been really responsible and they’ve taken advantage of the cab rides offered by CHARR and I’m sure by designating drivers because we don’t see nearly the number of DUIs that we did years ago."

As for dealing with antics at the bars, the chief says it was no more than usual.

"I didn’t get the impression when I was looking at the activity log that it was anything unusual, something that we wouldn’t deal with on any other weekend," he said. "We did have a lot of folks downtown and we were about as busy as we normally are."

During last year’s New Year celebrations, KPD made two arrests for DUI. There were none during the previous four New Year’s.

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