City Council Revises Priorities for 2013


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

The Kodiak City Council held its regular meeting last night. The council voted to adopt a revised state capital improvements list for fiscal year 2013. The list, which was approved in November, will now have a fourth item: $450,000 for a new fire engine for the Kodiak City Fire Department. The engine was due for replacement in 2006 and is currently out of service. Fire Chief Rome Kamai has applied for a very competitive state grant, however no money has been awarded yet. If grant funding isn’t available the city has to bear the cost. City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski says the price would be hard on the general fund, but that it’s a necessary expense.

(City Council 1 :13 "It’s a key piece of equipment for response capability. We need it to respond to certain areas within the city and also, of course, on the road system for our mutual aid response agreements.")

Other items on the list FY 2013 state capital improvements list include $2.5 million for planning, permitting and design costs for the Pier III replacement, $5 million for phase three of the pedestrian improvements from Pier II to downtown, and $1.75 million for phase two of the Baranof Park improvements.

The council approved the purchase of a $26,262 (twenty-six-thousand-dollar) prisoner transport van for the Kodiak Police Department. The purchase is funded by a $41,000 grant awarded to KPD.

During closing comments, City Mayor Pat Branson encouraged Kodiak residents to be especially aware of their neighbors during this extreme weather.

(City Council 2 : 24 "It’s important to check on your neighbor to make sure they’re safe and warm. As you all know there’s been a run at the food bank. They received a very generous anonymous donation which is wonderful, but it’s easy to get in a situation where your car won’t start, your pipes are frozen, you can’t get to the store to get food. So just make sure that everyone is safe, I think it’s really important.")

Also at the meeting: The council voted in favor of a newly introduced resolution to support the Coastal Management Zone Program and renewed a lease with Ocean Beauty Seafoods for city-owned property in Gibson Cove.

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