Enthusiasm for Hoop Houses and Fresh Veggies Runs High


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The building of lightweight non-permanent greenhouses made of Visqueen over hoops in the ground may not seem like the sort of thing that would need to involve the government, much less take up four months of their time, but at its last meeting, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly finally passed an ordinance adding "hoop houses" to the borough building code.

During the public hearing before the vote, several supporters urged the assembly to pass the item.

— (Hoops 1 20 sec "It’s amazing what a little bit … it’s just a piece of plastic.")

That was Heather Johnson, who said hoop houses encourage local food independence with very little impact. Marie Rice agreed, saying the vegetables she grows in her hoop houses are very popular at local farmers markets:

— (Hoops 2 22 sec "I have two, a 20-by-16 and a … can’t begin to meet the demand.")

Assemblywoman Chris Lynch introduced the hoop house ordinance. She said it conforms to national standards:

– (Hoops 3 28 sec "We’ve added language that … and room to let it grow.")

Assemblyman Mel Stephens said he had "some heartburn" over the kit requirement, but was in favor of the possibility of more fresh vegetables available locally:

— (Hoops 4 34 sec "Yes, I’m enthusiastic about hoop … markets and things like that.")

The hoop house ordinance passed unanimously, 6-0.


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