Leyland-Fields Discusses Food and God on Talk of Alaska


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Kodiak author Leslie Leyland-Fields was the guest on yesterday’s Talk of Alaska from APRN with Steve Heimel. The subject was food and the spiritual connections associated with it. Leyland-Fields is the editor of the recently published book "The Sipirt of Food – 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting toward God."

— (Food God 1 53 sec "One thing that is pointed out … needy, dependent, hungry people.")

Leyland-Fields said Alaskans especially have always thought about their connection with the food and its sustainability:

— (Food God 2 35 sec "So many of us live away from … than people down below.")

She said food should be considered more than just fuel to be consumed in mass quantities the way advertising has portrayed it:

— (Food God 3 51 sec "Those of use who are thoughtful … and feeds our relationship.")

You can hear the whole Talk of Alaska with Kodiak author Leslie Leyland-Fields on the APRN website.


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