Touting Weather Records Is One Thing, but Real Problems Arise


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Living through record cold and snow in Kodiak this winter may be a cause for bragging, but it’s gotten so cold for so long that it’s causing serious problems for residents and the city. Public Works Director Mark Kozak explains how circumstance has conspired to cause more problems than most winters.

— (Frozen 1 21 sec "If we had the snow prior, we’d … temperatures might be way up.")

So even with temperatures 30 to 40 degrees warmer than it has been, the ground will likely stay frozen for weeks, if not months:

— (Frozen 2 31 sec "The ground is froze so deep … to freezing would be safe.")

Kozak is urging that tap water be allowed to drip from faucets at home and in businesses until the ground has warmed up. He said even if a building is not susceptible to freezing, keeping the water running will keep the water flowing out in the street where the mains are. He said the city’s reservoir has plenty of water to handle the flow:

— (Frozen 3 20 sec "We’re real fortunate. Monashka … in good shape thus far.")

Several weeks ago a water line broke on Center Street between Mission Road and Marine Way. It is leaking under the frozen ground and needs to be excavated to be permanently fixed

— (Frozen 4 25 sec "It’s probably the only piece … fill in that area.")

He said Belarde (bell-ardy) Construction has brought into town a special cement pumper that the city hopes to use in the near future to fill the underground washout area there, but first, with so many other issues to deal with, that project is on hold:

— (Frozen 5 22 sec "The record snowfall in January … circumstance for sure.")

Since just before Christmas, Kozak says the city has responded to 166 frozen water pipe situations, and he doesn’t think that will slow down before winter is over and a new record is set.


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