Wight Sets New Record in Bench Press Contest

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The fourth annual KMXT-Kodiak Athletic Club Bench Press Competition was held on Saturday, with a new record set for total number of repetitions.

The contest pits weightlifters in contests to see how many times they can bench press either half their body weight or their full body weight. In the half-body weight division, Hadji Wight blew past the old record of 83 reps, finishing with a total of 138 reps of 75 pounds. The former record holder, Todd Cook, bested his old mark as well, pressing 95 pounds 87 times, while Tauamanu Sega had 87 reps at 110 pounds. Jurey Fortaliza had 80 reps of 95 pounds

In the men’s full body weight category, Kalani Coyle had 28 reps of 145 pounds, followed by Rodney Caraiga with 22 reps of 185 pounds. Jock of the Rock co-host Derek Clarkston had 17 reps at 195 pounds. Dave Kaplan and Dave Horn rounded out the division.

In the women’s half-body weight category, Valene Wilde continued her winning streak in the competition, lifting 60 pounds 86 times. Heather Norton did 46 reps of 75 pounds.

Skip Bolton had 51 reps at 90 pounds to win the medal for seniors half-body weight division. Masami Kageyama won the teen title with 85 reps of 55 pounds, with Nolan Wandersee lifting 115 pounds 50 times.

Special Olympics Gold Medal winner Chris Kavanaugh lifted 75 pounds 48 times.

We have full results on our Facebook page, where there are also pictures.

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