Alutiiq Museum Latest Volunteer Spot for Barker


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Each year the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository bestows the Volunteer of the Year award to someone who has contributed a lot to the museum’s mission. The 2011 award went to Carrie Barker.

Danielle Ringer, the public outreach coordinator at the museum, says Barker was the unanimous choice of the museum’s staff.

— (Volunteer 1 14 sec "We were real excited to pick … and volunteer of the year.")

Barker, who comes from North Carolina, has volunteered at several museums there and at the West Virginia State Museum and Cape Cod. She arrived in Kodiak in 2010, with her husband, who’s in the Coast Guard.

— (Volunteer 2 35 sec "Pretty much every where … good word for it: humbling.")

In the last year she’s spent many hours organizing and logging objects important to Alutiiq history:

— (Volunteer 3 29 sec "Let’s see, I helped Marne … and be responsible for.")

Given that people come from all over the world to experience Kodiak’s great outdoors, Barker says she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out by sitting over artifacts indoors all day:

— (Volunteer 4 19 sec "My husband and I are … when I am sitting inside. (laughs)")

Barker said she’d like to join museum staff out in the field this summer on an archeological dig.

Ringer said 88 people volunteered for the museum in 2011, and that there are plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in the museum.


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