FV Kimberly Awaits Tow Off Beach

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The fishing vessel Kimberly is still hard aground on the Alaska Peninsula coast west of Kodiak Island. It washed ashore a week and a half ago in heavy icing conditions and winds reportedly gusting to 100 mph. All four crewmen had to spend the night on the beach as the storm prevented a Coast Guard helicopter from reaching them the night of the grounding. They were hoisted the next morning, suffering from varying stages of hypothermia.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation reports that staff from Alaska Marine Surveyors and Magone Marine Services inspected the Kimberly last Friday and found its hull to be extensively damaged, but without holes in it.

A draft salvage plan has been submitted by Kimberly owner Aloys Kopun, and is awaiting approval from the Coast Guard and DEC. The Magone salvage boat Redeemer is in the vicinity to pull the Kimberly off the beach as soon as weather improves. The plan is to tow the 57-foot fishing vessel to sheltered waters and then remove fuel and oils. The boat carries about 3,000 gallons of diesel, 600 gallons of hydraulic fluid, 70 gallons of lubricating oil and 25 gallons of antifreeze. The Kimberly is listing, but still upright and water tight, and no spills have been reported.

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