Snow Load on Roof Closes Kodiak Safeway



Workers shovel heavy, wet snow from the roof of the Kodiak Safeway. The store closed Monday out of concern over the snow load. Jennifer Canfield/KMXT photo

Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

Monday morning Safeway management noticed large cracks were starting to form at the top of the building’s inside walls. Several crews were sent up to the roof to start shoveling away the heavy, wet record snowfall that was weighing down on the structure.

By early afternoon the store closed and sent its employees home. Store manager Mike Murray says that they closed the store just to be safe.

One of the crews that responded to property manager Bob Brodie’s call for shovelers was Father Paisius and the students from St. Innocent’s Academy. He say the wages that the students earn will likely go toward Christmas presents.

The store was expected to reopen at six this morning. However, at that time the yellow safety tape had not been taken down and there was a sign posted that said the store was now expected to reopen by mid-morning.

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