Building Land Shortage Alarms Realtors


Jay Barrett/KMXT

At the beginning of last (Tuesday) night’s joint work session between the Kodiak City Council and the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly, two members of the Kodiak Board of Realtors made another pitch for the government to free up more developable land in Kodiak for residential construction.

Paula Laird, the board’s president, said she’s got a file full of rental applications and the prospect of only one apartment opening up in the near future. As for purchasing a home, she said there is more flexibility for buyers if they’re prepared to go to the higher-end.

— (Realtors 1 30 sec "Buyers who qualify for loans … on the market over 300,000.")

Real estate agent Bob Brodie said the housing market continues to tighten, and is reaching the point where highly-recruited professionals are being forced to turn down jobs in Kodiak:

— (Realtors 2 37 sec "The Coast Guard has brought … we can’t go there.")

Laird echoed that last sentiment:

— (Realtors 3 29 sec "Members of our board have heard … equilibrium in the market.")

Laird and Brodie both reminded the assembly- and council-members of their previous pleas for movement on identifying public land that could be opened up sale. Brodie acknowledge it might be difficult, but said it was necessary for them to take some action:

— (Realtors 4 33 sec "No matter what you pick it’s … be of equal importance.")

Also at last night’s joint work session, fisheries advisor Denby Lloyd briefed the assembly and council on items that will come before the North Pacific Fishery Management Council at its June meeting here in Kodiak, and encouraged all of them to make an effort to meet and mingle with fish council members.


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