Phase 2 of Baranof Park Work Fully Funded in State Budget


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The amount budgeted for phase one of the Baranof Park improvements project is just a few thousand dollars more than the winning bid. Kodiak City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski told the Kodiak City Council and the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly last week that a change to locally-sourced rock dropped the cost estimate significantly, which brought it in just under the budget – but left little for a contingency fund.

— (Baranof 1 31 sec "When we were aware of that … so we’re very, very tight.")

She said she’s made it clear to the contractor, Ohno Construction of Seattle that they need to keep a close eye on expenses, as the $3,189 difference between the budget and their bid is precariously small. Nevertheless, she said Ohno is ready to get going as soon as possible:

— (Baranof 2 23 sec "They were very anxious to … in the community very happy.")

Ohno Construction has extensive experience with athletic fields small and large, including the playing surface where the Seattle Seahawks play, Century Link Field.

Meanwhile, the money for phase two of the project, which includes work on the baseball field and other improvements, is more than fully funded in this year’s state capital projects budget.

Both the Senate and House approved $3.65-million for phase two, about double what the city asked the legislature for this year. City Mayor Pat Branson said the budgeted amount from the state was very good news:

— (Baranof 3 19 sec "We can hopefully thank … was kind of strange.")

Though the city and borough are working together on the Baranof Park renovation, a new memorandum of agreement has yet to be signed for the sharing of construction expenses and subsequent use of the park.


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