‘Micro Algae’ Technique Results in Greater Blue King Hatchery Survival


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Scientists in Seward working on techniques for hatchery rearing king crab have developed a method to boost survival rates among blue kings. Ben Daly, an Alaska Sea Grant research biologist, says he wasn’t entirely surprised that micro algae worked so well.

— (Crab 1 38 sec "There’s been some culture … flushed out of the tank.")

What they did was to flush the water from the tanks less often:

— (Crab 2 22 sec "We sort of used this semi … really high survival.")

Daly said they were able to successfully rear red king crab without using micro alga:

— (Crab 3 22 sec "And this is beneficial in … hatchery logistical standpoint.")

Once the crab are out of the larval stage, Daly told KMXT they are much easier to rear in the hatchery:

— (Crab 4 35 sec "They tend to be more hardy … not quite as aggressive.")

The Alaska King Crab Research, Rehabilitation and Biology program is a joint effort by several agencies and organizations seeking to someday restock depleted Kodiak Red King and Pribilof Blue King crab stocks.


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