Senior Artists on Display


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

Artist Nancy Bors (Photo by Jennifer Canfield)

Each year, usually in May, the Kodiak Senior Center hosts a modest art show. Paintings, quilts, fiber art and more are displayed on tables and on the walls in the commons area. Laurie Murdock is the executive assistant at the senior center. She organizes the show.

“They’re all senior artists. Every body is 60 and older. You can not put a piece of art in here unless you are 60 or older. Some of our artists are Janet Bane, Midge Dillon, Jean Carson, Nancy Bors, Mona Johnson, Dottie Holm, Susan Byers and we do have one male artist who is a literary artists and he has his book displayed here.”

The author Malcolm Gladwell says that the key to mastering anything is practicing it for 10,000 hours, or two hours everyday for nearly 14 years. The collection of art in the senior center’s show seems to support that theory.

Artist Midge Dillon (Photo by Jennifer Canfield)

The best thing about the senior center’s art show is that it’s obvious each artist has dedicated themselves to creating something beautiful. One artist, Midge Dillon, has several pieces on display. With a very steady hand, she creates lifelike drawings of something in which many people might not see the beauty.

“She got a fascination with dying flowers and they’re actually very beautiful. The iris over there was, I think, her first one and then she sort of went from there andthey’re quite beautiful and quite unique. I think Midge sees something that she likes– and she loves to draw, she’s a wonderful artist and she’s very creative– and I think she just had a certain fascination with a flower that was not at its peak.”

Artist Mona Johnson (Photo by Jennifer Canfield)

The show runs through the end of the month at the senior center. Be sure to check it out if you enjoy finding good art in surprising places.


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