The Emerald is Returning to the Isle


Jay Barrett/KMXT

After a long, hard and record-setting winter, the Emerald Isle is finally taking on its signature hue. And if the forecast for the next week pans out, a blast of sunshine headed our way should put the greenery over the top.

But as master gardener Marion Owen cautions, don’t wait until the sun is shining to get those new transplants into the ground.

— (Plants 1 48 sec "Bright, sunny days are … face-plant onto the ground.")

She says plants are more hardy that we sometimes give them credit for, but when transplanting seedlings, it’s still best to be gentle with them:

— (Plants 2 39 sec "When you pull a plant out of … for that sun to come out.")

When the sun does come out and warm us up, it’ll be hard to remember how cold it was during the past winter, when even water mains were freezing under the streets, but Owen says some gardeners with perennials around their house have seen an unfortunate reminder:

— (Plants 3 30 sec "I know a lot of people have lost … plants that you’ve lost.")

The upside about gardening in Kodiak, of course, is the availability of excellent natural plant foods at little or no cost:

— (Plants 4 19 sec "Kelp or seaweed works like … as far as organic gardening goes.")

There will be plenty of opportunity to add to your gardens in the coming weeks. Saturday the Kodiak Humane Society is having its annual plant sale at Baranof Park, and later in the month the Kodiak Garden Club’s annual plant sale will be held.


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