Chief Kamai Says Some Deals are Too Good to be True


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

As per a state recommendation, the Kodiak Police Department is advising community members to be on the look out for individuals or groups from out of town offering to provide labor at discount prices. Police Chief T.C. Kamai said these individuals are often called "travelers," and are known for leaving a job uncompleted or poorly done once they have been paid.

"Travelers can be best described as groups of tradesmen that travel from community to community to sell services, typically we’re looking at landscapers, roofers folks who can build fences, those types of things. They typically only deal with cash, and they provide the service or at represent that they provided the service. And then they leave the community. And often times when they leave, folks who were client of these different tradesmen, find out the work was incomplete or improperly done."

Kamai said KPD has had no reports of these people this year, but "travelers" have visited Kodiak in the past.

We’ve had travelers come to Kodiak and provide a variety of different services, however we have had very few reports indicating problems as we’ve described in the bulletin, however the bulletin was a statewide issue because apparently some communities the state experienced some very significant problems with travelers."

He said despite there being no reports, residents should be on the look out for Outsiders offering cheap labor services, and keep in mind that those working within city limits are required to have a permit to do so.

"Because in the city of Kodiak we have licensing requirements for merchants or tradesmen that come into town. They are actually required to be licensed or be issued a permit issued by the city when they want to work inside the city. So that is something that the police department enforces. We wanted at least the residents of Kodiak to be aware of that law and if they were approached by someone who wanted to sell them a service, they can ask if they’ve been permitted by the city to sell that service ."

In general, Kamai said always ask questions and research those offering their services.

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