Begich Says $50-Million Seafood Promotion has Broad Support


Jay Barrett/KMXT

A new national plan to promote American seafood abroad was announced on Friday by Alaska Senator Mark Begich. He says growth in sales could be better, and thinks a national marketing council – funded with $50-million per year – would increase sales.

He says the plan has been in the works for some time. It calls for 80-percent of the $50 million to be split evenly among five regional marketing boards, with the rest distributed based on seafood production. He said he envisions a public-private funding partnership at first, but a sustainable funding source must be identified.

The proposal was drafted by a nationwide coalition and is supported by 75 fishing groups and others from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico, which Begich says is significant.

He says the program will be introduced next month when the Senate reconvenes.

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