Chiefs’ Mess Organizing Food Drive on Base


Jay Barrett/KMXT

A nationwide initiative sparked by President Barack Obama has the potential to deliver two and a half tons of food to the Kodiak Food Bank by the end of August. At least that’s the goal of Chief Jason Riggs from Coast Guard Base Kodiak. He’s heading up the "Feds Feeding Families" program on the base.

"Secretary Napolitano has challenged the DHS, that’s Department of Homeland Security, to donate 500,000 pounds of food. It’s a campaign that’s part of the presidential initiative "United We Serve," geared toward federal employees working at the local level to donate non-perishable food items to local food banks."

Last year, Riggs says 8-million pounds of food was gathered by federal employees nationwide. Locally, he’s hoping for a modest five pounds per Coast Guard member, which could add up to about 5,000 pounds. Spouses, family members and civilian employees on base are welcome to donate as well.

The collection campaign kicks off Saturday during Coast Guard Day on the base.

— (Feds Feeding 2 22 sec "There’s a kid’s barbeque at the gym from 10:30 to 1 p.m., and then there’s an evening barbeque at the Golden Anchor from 6 in the evening until whenever they finish. That is the kick-off day, and we’re going to run the food drive throughout the month of August. There’s also a sports day later on in the month that the cans will be at as well.")

The "cans" Riggs refers to are 55-gallon drums, which will be emblazoned with a food drive sign and placed at various spots on base. He says you won’t be able to miss them.

— (Feds Feeding 3 18 sec "If they’re on base, they’ll see the barrels, whether it’s at the commissary or the exchange or at the hangars. I haven’t set up a permanent place for the barrels yet, but where I know they’ll be is at the gym during that time and at the Golden Anchor during that time, and the rest of the month I’ll be coordinating moving them around the base.")

He says non-perishables are preferred, but items with shorter shelf-lives can be donated as well:

— (Feds Feeding 4 17 sec "Oatmeal, cereals, canned foods – anything non-perishable they can put in the barrels. If they have any substantial amount of vegetables or other perishable food, I’d would even arrange for pick up from the Food Bank in town. They’d be more than happy to take what you have.")

Riggs says he’s made arrangements with the Kodiak Food Bank, which is operated by the Kodiak Baptist Mission, and they are looking forward to the donation. The food drive is sponsored by the Chief’s Mess, an organization of all the chiefs on base, and lasts through the end of the month.


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