Dawson, Dirty Squirrels Take Top Spots in Kodiak Quintathlon

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Jay Barrett/KMXT

Though turnout was light for the 2012 Quintathlon, the Kodiak High School cross-country program raised over $3,000, according to coach Marcus Dunbar.

The coach said Coast Guard Day activities, the weather and the lure of the Olympic games on TV may have kept some participants away, but seven teams and two individuals competed in the five-part event.

Participants swam, biked, shot at targets, kayaked, and ran.

The top team was The Dirty Squirrels, comprised of Elinore Millstein, Mica Linscheid, Hayden Foster, Max Mutch and Levi Fried. They had a combined time of 1-hour 24-minutes and 27-seconds.

The Blunders were second in 1-hour 33-minutes 53-seconds, followed about a minute and a half later by Team SNAFU.

Matt Dawson was top solo participant, with a total time of 1-hour 51-minutes 14-seconds. David Castonguay was 15-minutes behind at 2-hours 6 minutes.

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