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KMXT’s annual Run the Rock race is quickly approaching. This year, local triathlete Bree Witteveen is offering up her expertise by contributing to the Run the Rock blog. Whether you plan on participating in the race day festivities, or are looking to make running a part of your every day life, Witteveen’s blog offers a lot of information based on her research and personal experience.

(Run Rock Blog 1 : 45 "You know I haven’t actually been in the endurance athletics for that long, compared to some other people. It started for me in about 2003, so almost ten years ago. And signed up for a sprint triathlon and just absolutely got addicted. And so ever since then I’ve run a lot of triathlons, I’ve sort of lost count, including I did my first iron man triathlon last fall. And then I’ve done five or six marathons. And so it’s really just become a very big part of my life. And beyond just training and competing, I really like to learn about training your body, and fueling your body, and pushing your body, so I decided to pursue the coaching thing. And so I’m working on getting my coaching certification both from Road Runners Club of America and then the USAT, which is United States Triathlon Association.")

Witteveen’s blog covers a variety of topics, ranging from workout schedules to race day nutrition.

(Run Rock Blog 2 : 16 "I did nutrition, I’ve done gear and I’ll do, I have some plans to do one on fueling during your activities and during race day and injury prevention and injury recovery. And stretching and strength training, like I said I like to geek out on it, so I could go on an on about it. Laughs.")

While this particular blog is intended to help Run the Rock participants, Witteveen said she hopes her coaching certificate will allow her to help people for any race or fitness goal.

(Run Rock Blog 3 : 31 "Yea, ultimately I want to just make myself available to people who are interested in pursuing a specific goal. Whether it be a triathlon, or a marathon, or a half marathon or even a bike race. Ultimately I want to create my own business. Of course I love my full time regular job, but as most people in Kodiak do, they have to have something on the side. I don’t know why that is, but it seems to be pretty common. So yes, ultimately I’m going to create my own business and have either web based training or face to face training, and I’m hoping to do that within the next six months or so.")

Until then, Witteveen offers this tip for aspiring runners.

(Run Rock Blog 4 : 22 "I think a lot of people, especially beginners are really intimidated. Just the thought of stepping out the door and running for any distance whatsoever. And I think the important thing to remember is that literally, anybody can do it. You just have to follow a plan and have goals, and are realistic about what you want to accomplish. But if you follow those things, anybody, absolutely anybody I promise you can finish what they set out to do.")

You can find a link to Witteveen’s Run the Rock blog on our website at KMXT dot org. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out her personal blog, tri-ing to keep warm.


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