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A prominent marimba-playing duo is making an appearance in Kodiak this week to share the unique instrumentals that originated in Zimbabwe.

Local marimba enthusiast Laura Creighton will host Zachary and Jocelyn Moon, who Creighton says are two of North America’s most well-respected Marimba players. Creighton leads a local marimba group twice a week, but doesn’t have a background in teaching the musical art form. She said having the Moons in town will be a great way to advance the skills of her group, but also introduce the style to other community members.

(Zimbabwe Music 1 : 41 "These folks are coming from Seattle and they actually play with two of the best bands in North America. The Anzanga who the guy Zachary plays with is the band I first saw in 1988 or something, like, a while ago. So that was the band that I was first inspired by and he plays with that same band, obviously not all the same people but the leader of that band is still the leader of that band. And then the woman, his wife, Joce, plays with Ruzivo. I saw them a few years ago at Zim Fest, and they’re also one of the top notch, headliner marimba bands in North America.")

Creighton said the pair will arrive on Saturday and offer an introductory marimba workshop to the community at 4 p.m. She said those interested must sign up ahead of time. If the workshop fills up, she said there will be more opportunities next week for workshops. In addition to learning the medium, Zachary and Jocelyn Moon will be giving a recital at 8 p.m. on Saturday. While the workshops will focus on marimba, Creighton said the recital will actually feature the mbira (um-beer-uh).

(Zimbabwe Music 2 : 11 "And then they are going to play the mbira, which is a different instrument. It’s not the marimba, it’s actually the traditional instrument that all this music is based on.")

Workshops will feature Creighton’s personal marimba set, which she had built within the last few years.

(Zimbabwe Music 3 : 18 "I knew a guy that built the notes and I ordered the notes from California. And then I got some friends together and we build the frames. So I have a full kit, which is seven instruments. It’s a base, baritone, two tenors and two sopranos.")

Creighton said the performance will be donation based, and she plans on asking the artists what the suggested donation should be. The recital, and all the workshops, will take place at Creighton Chiropractic Clinic on Reszanof Drive, across the street from the high school parking lot. More information can be found here: 539-7039, or email


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