Salmon Catch Winding Down

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The daily pink salmon harvest has been slowly, but steadily, declining over the past two weeks, after a peak catch of nearly 1-million on August 10th. On Wednesday, 116,755 pinks were hauled in by the fleet, bringing the season total, according to Fish and Game records, to 15.8-million fish.

The sockeye salmon catch is also slowing, with 7,746 caught on Wednesday. The season total for reds now stands at 1.96-million.

The chum catch through Wednesday is 813,000, silvers are at 125,000, and the chinook harvest is 13,476.

The all-species total catch through yesterday in the Kodiak Management Area is up to 18.7-million. That’s about a half-million more than was caught through August 22nd last year, and 8.3-million more than this date in 2010.

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