Animal Drop-Offs On the Rise At Shelter


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The Kodiak Animal Shelter has seen an increase in pets being dropped off, and not the usual mix either. Karen Yashin is the Humane Society of Kodiak president and joined KMXT’s Talk of the Rock on Tuesday to discuss upcoming events and happenings at the animal shelter. Yashin said the rise in animals is most likely attributed to people not spaying or neutering their pets, but other animals aren’t so easily explained.

(Animal Increases 1 :31 “We’re noticing lots of animals being dropped off and not your typical, a lot of time it’s puppies and kittens and we have enough of that obviously, I’m putting in a plug for spay neuter. Please, if you need help with spaying or neutering, get a hold of Nicole, our shelter manager, because we really cannot have any more puppies and kittens in Kodiak, there aren’t enough good homes for them. And that’s obvious by what’s up at the shelter, but also elderly animals are being dropped off. This is a first where we’re seeing 12-year-olds, 14-year-olds and that’s unsual for so many of them at once.”)

Yashin said for some reason cats are a growing problem at the shelter, with record numbers being dropped off.

(Animal Increases 2 : 09 “And cats I’m going to say are dropped off about three or four to one cats to dogs. So at least three to one.”)

She said there isn’t really an explanation for the rise in shelter drop offs, but hard economic times could be one of the culprits.

(Animal Increases 3 : 15 “Pets are the first to go in a household that’s having income problems. And when people leave Kodiak, I just think sometimes some people may pay for their dogs to go, but don’t take their cats. We’re not sure, we’re just trying to figure out what’s going on.”)

The rise in animals at the shelter has certainly put a strain on organization, but Yashin said the shelter has received a grant to help community members spay or neuter their animals.

(Animal Increases 4 :35 “Yeah we have a grant right now that we just received only for dogs, so if you want to get on that list, if we have too much of a list to get you on this grant we’ll reapply for it in the spring, but if you’re names on the list we will go down that list until we get to your name. Hopefully you’ll keep your from impregnating or getting pregnant between that time. Also if you have a female cat and need help call us because we will help and talk to you about what you can afford and what we will do to help you get that done. This is the most responsible help you can give us right now.”)

Other than spaying or neutering your pet, or offering your home to one of the furry critters at the shelter, Yashin said financial donations truly help keep the shelter afloat. This weekend the second annual Hairball fundraiser kicks off with live music by 40 Miles of Road and American Idol contestant Miss Jackie Wilson. Tickets for that event are $25 and all proceeds go to the Humane Society of Kodiak.

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