Skateboarders Plea For New Park


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Supporters of improvements to the skateboarding area at Baranof Park appealed to the Kodiak City Council on Thursday. It was a follow up to the large turnout at the council’s work session last Tuesday. There is a tidy sum of money left over from the new track, football field and baseball diamond improvements, which Jeremiah Gardiner thinks should be used to upgrade the skate park:

— (Skate Park 1 50 sec “There’s multiple different … renovating this portion of the park.”)

His ideas had support from others who spoke before the council. Peter Rosendall said he was relatively new to town, but has used the park extensively over the last six months:

— (Skate Park 2 33 sec “I’ve traveled around and seen … they’re not asking for a lot.”)

Ryan Murdock agreed, adding the request would not take local tax money away from other city services:

— (Skate Park 3 21 sec “I’m just really glad to be asking … so thank you very much.”)

Councilman Terry Haines said it was good to see citizens coming to the council and participating in the work sessions and the regular meetings:

— (Skate Park 4 10 sec “That’s a great thing. That’s what … we can direct toward it.”)

Earlier this year, the city received $1.9-million more from the state for Baranof Park improvements than the $4.6-million cost of phases one and two, which have been completed. In June, City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski (Kenya-z’joff-ski) said there has been interest in divvying up the excess among park user groups, but she plans to work with community and school representatives in identifying and reviewing needs for funding.


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