Halloween at the Erskine House is Spooky Tale


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Halloween is considered a time for costumes, trick-or-treating and ghost stories. While Kodiak residents can get their fix of the first two in most areas of town this evening, the Baranov Museum’s Curator of Collections, Anjuli Grantham, stepped in to help with the latter.

— (Baranov Haunting 1 :47 “One hundred and twenty-six years…the museum’s window.”)

Grantham said some people believe McIntyre’s (Mac-in-tire) spirit remained in the house as a resident ghost. While Grantham said she hasn’t had any run-ins with the ghost of McIntyre, records show that those who do believe in his haunting aren’t alone.

— (Baranov Haunting 2 :38 “Well Natalia…working as a housekeeper in thehouse.”)

The story of McIntyre’s ghost is a personal favorite for Grantham. She said she has spent a lot of time exploring different perspectives and accounts of that night to better tell the century old tale.

— (Baranov Haunting 3 :38 “I’ve been researching it…station manager had been killed.”)

All ghosts aside, Grantham said the story is a compelling one simply because of the prominent characters that were present during the murder.

— (Baranov Haunting 4 :38 “The story beyond being so… was shot in the back of the head.”)

You can read Grantham’s full version of the McIntyre murder by visiting the Baranov Museum’s blog.



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