Strahl Turns Down Borough Manager Position


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
After more than five months of reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating contracts, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly had to vote against the proposed contract between the Kodiak Island Borough and Borough Manger hopeful Erick Strahl. The assembly convened in executive session last night during their regular meeting to discuss an email that was sent to borough staff from Strahl declining the position as borough manager. Mayor Jerome Selby said the borough had selected Strahl for the position, but his recent email outlined family reasons for turning the position down.
Bud Cassidy will continue to serve as borough manager until the position is filled, though no timeline was given for the newly reopened hiring process.

While the borough assembly won’t be welcoming a new borough manager anytime soon, assembly members were still joined by a new face during last night’s meeting. Newly elected Assemblyman Aaron Griffin was sworn into the assembly alongside reelected Assemblywoman Chris Lynch.

— (No New Manager 2 :41 “I, state your name…to the best of my abilities. Congratulations.”)

Griffin will replace Assemblyman Jerrol Friend, who was recognized by Mayor Selby for his outstanding service to the borough for more than a decade.

— (No New Manager 3 :43 “Brings us to the changing of the guard…community, I’m sure we will.”)

Friend said he will absolutely remain active in the community and used his last assembly member comments opportunity to encourage others to do the same.

— (No New Manager 4 :42 “Someone asked me today what do I… and the meetings, it’s important.”)

The next borough assembly meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on November 1, in the borough assembly chambers.


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