Vandals Slash Inflatable Playground at Bay Bounce


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Early Tuesday morning Scott Wilburn and his wife received a call that no business owner ever wants to get. It came from the Kodiak Police Department and said officers were outside his business, Bay Bounce, on Mill Bay Road. When he arrived he found that vandals had broken in.

Bay Bounce is an inflatable playground, popular with young children and their parents.

— (Bay Bounce Vandal 1 :38 “We were told police were on scene…I went home for the night .”)

He thought his problems were over, but a discovery later that afternoon proved that they were just beginning.

— (Bay Bounce Vandal 2 :26 “My wife came up to open up… familiar with our layout.”)

And that wasn’t all. The vandal slashed a number of other bouncers, many of which were the Wilburn’s most popular ones.

— (Bay Bounce Vandal 3 :28 “We went to go check the back two… then down the side wall.”)

Wilburn and his wife have been in close communication with the police, who are still investigating the vandal. He said the damage will obviously hurt his business, unfortunately at a time when he expected more users as the days get shorter and weather colder.

— (Bay Bounce Vandal 4 :47 “It definitely hurts, we’ve got…run through the obstacle course.”)

Wilburn said a few smaller bouncers weren’t damaged, and he plans on keeping the business open and seeing what happens.


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