Assembly Moves on Temporary Sludge Solution

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will meet for a regular meeting tonight and introduce a temporary solution to the bio solids issue that has been the topic of many meetings over the last two months.
Sewage sludge processed through the wastewater treatment plant has typically been put in the Kodiak Island Borough Landfill, but early in June the city was notified that the landfill could no longer accept the sludge. Since then the city has spent countless hours deciding what to do with the sludge, which the landfill stopped accepting on December 15. One idea still in the works is to create Class A compost at a different location, but the necessary permits have not been obtained. Meanwhile, the city has been forced to stockpile all bio solids accumulated since December 15.
During a work session last Thursday the borough assembly offered the short-term option of processing the sludge into less desirable Class B compost at the landfill, which would then be stored at the landfill. The borough would enter a land use license agreement with the city at no cost to the borough, and composting would only be done until August 15, 2013. Tonight the borough will introduce an ordinance on this composting option and hold a public hearing on the matter. It was decided at the work session to hold two public hearings on the composting plan to allow more opportunity for input during the busy holiday. The next public hearing will be on December 27. Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the borough assembly chambers and will be broadcast live on KMXT.

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