Assembly Moving to Solve City Sludge Problem


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly is one vote away from temporarily solving the bio solid issue for the City of Kodiak. During last night’s regular meeting the assembly unanimously voted in favor of the ordinance that would allow the city to turn the sludge into class B compost at the borough landfill. Mike Patterson is the environmental director for the borough and explained exactly what would happen with the city’s sludge.

— (Borough Sludge 1 :36 “We receive approximately…there and complete closure of the landfill.”)

The old mechanism for disposing bio solids at the landfill was no longer feasible and the sludge hasn’t been accepted there since December 15. The city has been stock piling the sludge since that date and will do so until the composting option is approved at the landfill.
Todd Hiner is a resident of Middle Bay and outspoken critic of the original plan to compost in Middle Bay. Hiner spoke during the public hearing last night and asked the assembly to take the time to fully research suggested composting methods before they decide on a permanent location for the sludge.

— (Borough Sludge 4 :30 “I would like to thank personally…to research this national problem.”)

A handful of other community members spoke during the meeting and praised the short term solution, but reminded the borough that it was only a quick fix. The assembly will hold a second public hearing on the ordinance on December 27 and, if all goes according to plan, approve the use of the landfill as a composting site during that meeting.


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