Assembly OKs Sludge Solution


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Last night the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly unanimously voted in favor of a short term solution to the bio solids issue. During the special meeting in the borough conference room last night the assembly heard from Borough Environmental Director Mike Patterson about the proposed plan for composting city sewage sludge at the landfill.
Patterson said the sludge will be turned into Class B compost and stored in an area already being worked in the landfill.
During the public comment period a handful of Monashka Bay residents asked about long term health risks associated with the plan, especially as it pertains to contaminated water reaching residential wells. Assemblywoman Carol Austerman reiterated the fact that the proposed composting method is far better than the raw sludge that had been put in the landfill for years.
Assemblyman Mel Stephens agreed with Austerman’s comment and reminded assembly members and the public that the ordinance before them is a temporary solution and long term action has yet to be decided. He added that he doesn’t like to call the new bio solid material compost, because to him that’s not what it is.

Composting will take place at the landfill until August 15 at the latest. In the meantime the borough and city will continue to work together to find a long term solution.

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