Kodiak Launch Complex Tops Parnell’s Kodiak Funding Plan

Jay Barrett/KMXT
Governor Sean Parnell released his proposed capital budget on Friday, and in it was a smattering of projects for the Kodiak area. The governor is proposing just $1.4-million of state money for District 35, which includes Kodiak Island and Cordova.
There is $30.6-million in funds that are a “pass-through” from the federal government – they are largely for transportation projects, including $200,000 for the Whittier Airport master plan, $2.5-million for maintenance and operation of the Whittier Tunnel, and $27.6-million for further improvements for the Kodiak State Airport. There is another $300,000 in federal funds for deferred maintenance at the Kodiak National Guard Armory. The $600,000 project includes $300,000 from state coffers, too.
The Kodiak Launch Complex gets the lions share of state funds headed to House District 35 – $900,000 for maintenance and $165,400 for modernization.
There is also $25,000 for maintenance at state parks in the Kodiak region.
Total state and federal funding proposed by the governor for Kodiak is $31,990,400, though the State House and Senate will both chime in with pet projects needing funds.

Kodiak/Cordova (HD 35) State $ Fed $ Total $
Military & Veterans Affairs
Alaska Aerospace Corporation Maintenance AP 900,000 900,000

Military & Veterans Affairs
Alaska Aerospace Corporation AP 165,400 165,400
Kodiak Launch Complex Modernization

Military & Veterans Affairs
Kodiak Armory Deferred AL 300,000 300,000 600,000

Natural Resources Parks and Outdoor Recreation AL 25,000 25,000
Deferred Maintenance – Kodiak

Transportation Kodiak – Airport Improvements AL 27,600,000 27,600,000
Transportation Whittier – Airport Master Plan AL 200,000 200,000
Transportation Whittier Tunnel – Maintenance and AL 2,500,000 2,500,000

Kodiak/Cordova (HD 35) Subtotal 1,390,400 30,600,000 31,990,400

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