Sanctioned Trapping Helps Keep Watershed Clear


trapping-sign.jpgBrianna Gibbs/KMXT
The City of Kodiak and some local trappers are teaming up once again this winter to help keep Kodiak’s watershed clean. City Public Works Director Mark Kozak explains the mutually beneficial partnership.
“Each year for a long time there are a couple of local trappers that request permission to trap the watershed. It helps us with water quality," he said. "What we did this year is we posted those signs because sometimes people go around the gates and are walking their animals and we just wanted people to be aware of trapping activity.”

The signs Kozak is referring to are posted on the gate leading up to the Monashka Bay Pumphouse. He said technically no one should be back in the watershed to begin with, but he said trespassing does occur and he just wants people to be aware that there are traps set up in the area.

— (Trapping 2 :19 “What I have is an individual that is trapping at Monashka and a different individual that is trapping at pillar. So to avoid conflict and everything they have a letter of permission to be there from us and that’s the way we’d like to keep it just so that we don’t have too many people in and out of the watershed.”)

Kozak said Kodiak operates as a filtration avoidance community, so protection of the watershed is critical. He said that’s why additional ‘no trespassing’ signs are in place, to minimize activity and ensure everything in the watershed can stay as clean and natural as possible.
As for those interested in trapping, Kozak said they need to contact the city before setting any traps.

— (Trapping 3 :53 “But if someone were interested they definitely need to contact them so that we’re aware of and then in and amongst themselves the trappers have a respect to avoid being on top of each other and things of that nature.”)

According to the posted sign, trapping will continue until late April.

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