Building Specialist to Discuss Energy Conservation


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Heating a home can be a troublesome and costly endeavor during the winter months, especially if a home isn’t built to conserve energy. Luke Howard is a building science specialist from the Washington State University Energy Program and spoke on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock yesterday about his upcoming presentation in Kodiak. He was joined by Sun’aq (shoo-naq) Tribe of Kodiak’s Resource Conservation Manager, Tom Lance.

Howard was hired by Sun’aq to conduct an energy audit of its tribal offices and help develop conservation strategies for the building. During his time in Kodiak, Howard decided to also provide two workshops for home and building owners to learn more about making those spaces more energy efficient.

(Energy Conserve 1 :42 “We’re going to focus on teaching … can be quite extreme.”)

Howard said the main way to measure a space’s efficiency is by conducting an energy audit. He said the audit can vary based on the energy rater performing it. Some require more elaborate equipment than others, but all will involve a walk through by the rater.

(Energy Conserve 2 :49 “Well, you do a lot of physical … in the bathrooms.”)

More advanced equipment includes infrared light cameras, which show where heat is concentrating, or escaping in a home. In general, Howard said there are a few things people can do to make a space more energy efficient without hiring an energy rater to audit their home.

(Energy Conserve 3 :37 “Well I think probably the most … from coming in.”)

Howard will discuss energy conservation and indoor air quality for building industry professionals at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning at the Sun’aq Tribal Center’s large conference room. The three hour presentation is free and open to anyone interested in learning more. He will also host a second presentation for home owners at 7 p.m. tomorrow night in the board room of the Koniag Building on Near Island. That presentation is also free and open to the public.


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