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Kodiak is no stranger to talented writers, and this week one more local resident will join the ranks of published local authors. Sara Loewen spoke on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock about her first book, Gaining Daylight: Life on Two Islands, which will be released on Friday.

Loewen said her passion for writing began long ago, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to pursue it further.

—          (Sara Loewen 1                      :32                   “Well my undergraduate … residency in Anchorage.”)

She said her hope was to focus more on non fiction, journalistic writing, but the program required her to put more of herself into the text. As a naturally shy person, Loewen said transitioning to use the word “I” was definitely a challenge. Eventually she embraced the personal focus in her writing and was able to develop dozens of short essays for the class.

—          (Sara Loewen 2                      :19                   “I worked on it for … time or early in the morning.”)

Many of her essays focus on life on Amook Island in Uyak Bay, where she and her family spend their summers. She talks about the weather, isolation and reality of subsistence living. Other chapters take place in Kodiak and highlight the tight-knit community that comes with island living. The essays were never intended to be a book, but rather an honest reflection of Loewen’s life. When her masters program came to a close, Loewen submitted the essays as her thesis.

—          (Sara Loewen 3                      :34                   “And I kind of thought … really the best, best news.”)

The book debuts on Friday, and while it’s rich with Loewen’s personal thoughts and experiences, the book also dives deep into historical anecdotes. She said the non fiction enthusiast within her couldn’t stray away from telling the amazing, fascinating and true stories that are woven into the dense history surrounding the Kodiak Archipelago.

—          (Sara Loewen 4                      :38                   “I also work at the Kodiak …part, I love the research.”)

Loewen said publishing a book is a dream come true, and she’s not exactly sure where her writing will go next. She said she hopes to someday develop one of Kodiak’s many historical stories into a full-length non fiction book. Until then, Loewen said she will most likely continue to steal moments for writing, embrace the ever-changing world of motherhood and otherwise survive and thrive in her life on two islands.

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